If you were to pose this question to our around 3,600 employees around the world, you would ultimately hear roughly 3,600 good reasons to work at Siltronic. And this is not a coincidence: we take our obligation as an employer seriously, and we see personnel management as one of our company’s most important pillars. It is the basis of our corporate culture, which is founded on trust and appreciation. And together with outstanding social benefits, continuing education and training offers, and a multitude of modern working time models, it makes a job at Siltronic attractive and in demand.

Corporate culture

We have firm principles and mission statements for our teamwork and leadership, and these are the basis for our focus and actions. We have compiled these in our Code of Teamwork & Leadership. This code determines our daily work and shapes the cooperation at all company levels.

Code of Teamwork & Leadership


We are convinced that we must base our cooperation on personal appreciation, respect, tolerance, and trust, as well as on motivation, personal responsibility, and dedication in order to succeed.


One principle applies to all employees and managers: We build on performance and results. Our entire company’s success takes precedence over individual interests. Our managers act as role models: They provide the base for each employee’s individual success and consequently for the success of the company itself.


Personal appreciation and recognition of a job well done are important factors that help determine how satisfied a company’s employees are and how strongly they identify with their employer. We offer our employees attractive pay and career opportunities and involve them in the company’s success. We want to learn from one another. And so we listen to our employees, encourage them, and give open feedback. This allows our employees to develop professionally and personally. We promote their strengths and capabilities by assigning challenging tasks and offering goal-oriented continuing education and training.


Together we are strong; we regard the diversity of our employees as an asset. In today’s globalized, networked working world, this insight is more important than ever. Teamwork - with other disciplines and departments – is a fundamental key.

We know that it is important to give all employees the same opportunities. We offer new colleagues advice and support.

We strive to integrate those with physical and health challenges into the career structure over the long term. We therefore endeavor to find the right job that will allow each person to utilize his or her abilities and knowledge as fully as possible while continuing to develop. We hire new employees on the basis of their qualifications, performance, potential, and personality. An applicant’s sex does not play a role in our Human Resource decisions, and neither do age, origin, disability, religion, ideology or sexual orientation.


We see problems and challenges as opportunities, and we react to them with speed and flexibility. We are open to new approaches to solutions and new practices, and we tackle problems with a focus on results. We continually strive to improve, and we want to further develop our knowledge and capabilities for current and future demands.


Modern companies know that employees must be able to combine family and work and find time for both. Siltronic endeavors to offer its employees a large degree of freedom in this regard. We organize the working hours as flexibly as the operating processes allow. We particularly take the needs of employees with families into consideration and support them with such offers as childcare assistance and help returning to work after parental leave.


As managers, we are aware of our role model impact. We exemplify the principles and values that we also expect from our employees. We act with foresight and dependability. At the same time, our conduct is authentic, honest, and trustworthy. We mean what we say and we say what we mean – we consistently keep our promises and commitments. This is how we create an atmosphere of trust.

Because our corporate philosophy calls for management positions to be filled primarily from within our company, developing our managers and management candidates is one of our most important duties.

The support is based on the constantly growing challenges that the company and its employees face, as well as on the necessary qualifications associated with these challenges. Siltronic has therefore taken on the task of further developing its employees in the roles of process managers and entrepreneurs and as coaches and personalities.

We employ targeted feedback from our top management for managers and manager candidates. Employees receive structured feedback on their strengths and weaknesses, and this feedback is used to define and carry out specific on-the-job development measures at home and abroad, along with training and project work.

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